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Here are my side projects.

Moving on to bigger and better games, this extension plays NeoQuest for you. Remember to use Google Chrome! Download
My girlfriend got me back in to neopets... I wrote an extension for google chrome that will play Kacheek Seek for you. Download it here!
You can now create your own users! Yay!
Added a new project! I've finished my prime number generater, and it is downloadable here! Add user script coming soon!
HUGE security holes fixed. The usage of user cookies is no longer present, meaning no XSS attacks. We've moved over to sessions, meaning that I can finaly add new users the easy way. I will be adding a form to add users shortly, but as for now, you can just request a username through this form. Thanks for all your patience.

 I have added an optional "name" feild to the submit form (which, by the way, is now located on it's own video submission page).

 News! As you undoubtably know, our site is continuously undergoing construction, and during this time the occasional error may occur. Any and all errors, including graphical errors, may be reported to the admins through this form.

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